Florida Marriage Laws

What do I do if I want to get married? Any couple wishing to be mained in the State of Florida must first obtain a marriage license from the Clerk of the Court. To obtain a valid marriage license, - Read More

Wedding Consultants

Weddings are complicated events. There are hundreds of details that have to be planned and coordinated. And considering that few brides are professional project managers, stage directors or event - Read More

Wedding Reception Drinks

The object of your reception is to celebrate your wedding. If cocktails are to be a part of your reception, brides-to-be have many suitable choices to ensure proper protocol and safe usage. At many - Read More

Custom Wedding Gown

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And dream. That’s right. Go ahead and dream. Envision yourself in your perfect wedding gown. A completely individual dream for an individualistic - Read More

Wedding Flower Decoration Ideas

Beautiful flowers decorate every aspect of a wedding. And they are worn by the bride, groom and wedding party to add splendor and radiance to those celebrating the union of love. Floral decorations - Read More

Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

When preparing your wedding guest list, one of the most important questions is where your out-of-town guests will stay. Nearby hotels are usually the most covenient place. With a little looking on - Read More

Wedding Spa

Every Atlanta bride wants to look beautiful. Her tools? The perfect gown, flattering makeup, gorgeous hair, a manicure and, perhaps, a facial. But none of these will help if you are frazzled by - Read More

How To Make A Wedding Guest List

If math isn’t your strong suit, you may want to enlist help to determine how many guests to invite to your wedding. Today, wedding guest lists are as much about numbers as they are about favorite - Read More

Make Your Own Wedding Programs

There are no rules to having a great wedding. Too many brides and grooms today get caught up catering to protocol and mass-marketed lists that they leave out creative possibilities. Before you go out - Read More
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