Wedding Dresses Bridal Gowns

It’ll be your day to shine and your bridal gown will reflect you on your special day. Finding the dress you’ve always dreamed of will take time and maybe a change of heart on your part. - Read More

Simple Wedding Cakes

Cakes are becoming more and more individualized. You have choices of shape, colors, flavors, styles, and decorations. Shapes no longer have to be round. You can choose to have a heart shaped cake, a - Read More

How To Address Envelopes For Wedding

Have a complete guest list ready, with full names and addresses. Separate these in those who will receive just the announcement, those will receive an invitation to the ceremony only, and those who - Read More

Who Has Flowers At A Wedding

After you have selected the color and style of your attendants’ dresses, it is time to see your florist for the first time.. Always call to set up an appointment, or to find out if one is - Read More

Bridal Attendants Attire

Attending bridal shows and looking through current bridal magazines will give you insights into selecting your attendant’s attire. They will give you an idea of the current colors, styles, and - Read More

Florida Marriage Laws

What do I do if I want to get married? Any couple wishing to be mained in the State of Florida must first obtain a marriage license from the Clerk of the Court. To obtain a valid marriage license, - Read More

Wedding Consultants

Weddings are complicated events. There are hundreds of details that have to be planned and coordinated. And considering that few brides are professional project managers, stage directors or event - Read More

Wedding Reception Drinks

The object of your reception is to celebrate your wedding. If cocktails are to be a part of your reception, brides-to-be have many suitable choices to ensure proper protocol and safe usage. At many - Read More
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