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Imagine your wedding day without music and you will soon realize the importance of music in celebrating this special event. Due to the many decisions of wedding planning, music selection in the wedding ceremony is often poorly planned and deprived of the time that it so richly deserves. Music in your wedding ceremony will likely be the first impression your guests will have of your wedding, and it will be one of the most lasting.
Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants Association of Certified Professional Wedding ConsultantsThe Ultimate Catalog Of Wedding Music was created for bridal couples and wedding musicians, and is designed to assist you in making informed choices concerning music for the wedding ceremony. Bridal couples who purchase The Catalog will find that it will take the mystery out of choosing music for your wedding ceremony. Wedding Musicians will find it to be an invaluable resource to their music library. Be sure to visit the Wedding Musicians, Bands and DJs Page for a comprehensive list of talented musicians for the ceremony and reception. Musicians will want to consider advertising their talents on this heavily visited site.

Whether you choose to have your wedding ceremony in a church, or in another setting such as the beautiful cathedral of nature, The Ultimate Catalog Of Wedding Music offers pieces perfect for every situation. Periods of Music in The Catalog encompass Renaissance, Baroque (including festive trumpet pieces by composers Telemann, Bach and Handel), Classic, Romantic and Contemporary . Styles include Traditional Wedding, Folk, Jazz, Standards, Broadway favorites, Movie themes, Opera transcriptions, original works by composers, Gospel and Contemporary Christian.

The Ultimate Catalog Of Wedding Music features collections of favorite musicians/artists such as world renouwned flutist Jean Pierre Rampal, organist Diane Bish and Contemporary Christian vocalist Steve Green.
A huge database, consisting of over 300 titles Solo, Duet, Trio, Quartet, Quintet, Ensemble voice/instrument combinations
Titles personally chosen for inclusion in the database by Joan Haff, professional organist/musician/music educator Composer/Arranger and Publisher information for each musical selection for the purpose of ordering music from your music service provider. Titles alphabetized and organized into these catagories for ease of reference and convenience:

Voice Selections-Secular
String Quartet
Brass Choir
Woodwind Quintet
Euphonium/Tuba Quartet
The Ultimate Catalog of Wedding Music celebrates diversity by listing pieces from various cultures including Italian, Irish, Oriental and Jewish pieces for wedding and joyous occasions. There are also traditional wedding pieces, Broadway favorites, popular titles by current artists, themes from movies, and just simply, love songs. Each selection is guaranteed to reflect taste and proper decorum for use in a wedding ceremony.

Association Certified Professional Wedding Consultants Association of Certified Professional Wedding ConsultantsIt May Interest You To Know…
The traditional wedding processional “Here Comes The Bride” is from the opera Lohengrin by Richard Wagner. In the opera, the relationship between Elsa and Lohengrin was doomed because of a broken promise. Tradition dictates that it is acceptable to use “Here Comes The Bride,” however, you may wish to consider the numerous alternative processional selections listed in The Ultimate Catalog of Wedding Music.

Certain selections in The Catalog are designated for special moments in the ceremony, such as the lighting of the unity candle. You will also find numerous instumental and voice arrangements of “The Lord’s Prayer” and “Ave Maria.”

Along with your purchase of The Ultimate Catalog Of Wedding Music, I will offer you a free personal consultation, via email, to answer your many questions in choosing your wedding ceremony music.

You are encouraged to visit the evergrowing list of Wedding Musicians, Bands and DJs spanning the United States and Canada, and soon to be, worldwide, to contact a music professional who can make your wedding music dreams become a reality.
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