Bridal Attendants Attire

Attending bridal shows and looking through current bridal magazines will give you insights into selecting your attendant’s attire. They will give you an idea of the current colors, styles, and fabrics that are available and suitable for the time of year your wedding will be taking place.

It is sometimes difficult, but most important to choose colors, styles, and fabrics that will be flattering for all of your attendants. With many attendants varying in size and weight this can be a tricky task.

Be sure to have all of your attendants try on the various dresses to see what looks and fits best for the whole party. Decide on whether or not you want your attendants to wear a headpiece and whether the dress shop or your florist will be doing them.

Decide on the shoes and hosiery style and color. If you want your attendants to wear jewelry, it is usually a nice idea to give that as their gift so that they all have matching pieces. Be sure to have your attendants’ dresses selected, sized, and ordered in enough time to allow for alterations. Also allow enough time for shoes to be dyed, if you are choosing to do so. Swatches of the dress color/fabric will be needed for shoe dying and for selecting your attendants’ flowers.

Attendants Attire Bridal Attendants AttireIf you are having a flower girl, you may be able to have a dress made to match your attendants’ or you may choose to dress her up in white to be a miniature bride. Your flower girl shouldn’t be so young that they aren’t mature enough to handle themselves in a proper manner, yet they should be under the age of about 10 years old.

If you were selecting someone over the age of ten, they would be more suitable to be a junior bridesmaid. Don’t forget when choosing the dress, that the flower girl is younger and may grow between the time you select the dress and the time of the wedding. Avoid getting the dress too early so that they haven’t outgrown the dress, or allow for some room to grow in the d