Bridal Gown undergarments

What a bride wears underneath her gown is as important to her complete look as the dress itself. The right undergarments are essential. No longer for only the matronly, the brassiere, bustiers, and torsolettes support, enhance, and shape the figure. Available in styles both pretty and sexy, these undergarments are a boon for women who lament the imperfections of their figures. An investment in the right undergarments will make a good bridal ensemble spectacular. With all the excitement of planning a wedding, many brides overlook making this important purchase.

The right bridal undergarments are essential

Martha Seiders of Lisa’s Lingerie and Corset Shop in Sarasota, Fla., and Melissa Sweet of Melissa Sweet Bridals in Atlanta, Ga., have some tips on fit and style when choosing undergarments.

The most popular garment is the bustier or torsolette, Seiders and Sweet said. The strapless garment, made of either lace or smooth fabric, shapes and smoothes the figure into an hourglass. Sweet recommends that brides buy the simplest garment possible.

“No buttons and no bows,” Sweet said. “Lace can also show. You want to make it smooth.” Brides also can purchase matching lace-top stockings and panties. As for color, Seiders recommends wearing garments that closely match your skin tone rather than matching the dress. The garments are less likely to show if they blend with your skin tone Other garments include bust cup enhancers, which fill out a small bust; all-in-ones, which shape the entire figure and special brassieres for low-cut, backless, or strapless dresses. Accessories include stockings, pantyhose, garters and hand-embroidered handkerchiefs.

The correct fit is essential and it’s best to shop at a place with an experienced staff. Martha Seiders is a trained lingerie fitter and Melissa Sweet is a nationally-recognized bridal designer. Both ladies recommend trying on the undergarment with the wedding dress before purchasing. “The torsolette can be the most uncomfortable garment in the world if it’s not fitted properly, ” Seiders said, “The underwires will poke you in the ribs and you’ll be just miserable.” Sweet said. She recommends buying a garment that covers the hips rather than ending at the waist. Otherwise the garment tends to slip. A properly-fitted garment, she said, allows the bride to “dance, hug, and move without any worries.”

Bridal undergarments Bridal Gown undergarmentsFinding the right bra size also is important. Seiders said a majority of women wear the wrong size bra, which can result in back and shoulder pain as well as sagging in later life. She advises women be professionally fitted for a bra. While many brides balk at the cost of the undergarments, Seiders and Sweet said it’s a necessary investment.

“The bridal dress is the most photographed garment in their lives,” Sweet said, “One undergarment can make the dress look like a million or 20 bucks. Why not spend a little extra to make it perfect?” The right bustier, petticoat, or brassiere can eliminate all bul