Custom wedding gown

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And dream. That’s right. Go ahead

and dream. Envision yourself in your perfect wedding gown. A completely individual dream for an individualistic bride-to-be. That is what makes for a wedding to remember. And custom wedding designers can help you from that very first vision to the final version that truly conveys your personality.

Although choosing your wedding attire should be as much fun as any other part of your celebration, be forewarned that it can be frustrating. You begin your dream wedding gown search full of energy. Perhaps you take your best friend or your mother and you hit the streets, ecstatic at fulfilling one of your long-term dreams.

Somewhere in this process, however, you realize that this is not as easy as you might think. After visiting store after store without luck, you start to analyze the problem. After looking at an immense amount of gowns, you know that none of them “speak to you.” Despite hours of trying on various gowns, none seem to fit your personality. Not to mention your body and your budget. Trying to find an off-the-rack gown that meets your standards in those categories may be virtually impossible for some.

One of the best available options is a local custom wedding gown designer. Pittsburgh designer Rosie Nixon, of Rosie Gowns, is familiar with the frustrations that arise when a bride is desperately seeking that “special gown.”

Custom wedding gown Custom wedding gownTruly a collaborative event, Nixon works with the future bride in helping bring out her “vision.” She starts by asking not only about the bride’s dream gown, but about the bride’s lifestyle and favorite activities. She then incorporates these specific components into the wedding gown design. This ensures that the gown is a true reflection of the bride.

For example, one of Nixon’s clients was very involved in equestrian arts. To cater to this special interest, Nixon constructed a bridal version of a finely tailored equestrian jacket, worn over a long skirt.

Margiotta’s, a bridal gown designer and sewing specialty store based in Charleston, S.C., similarly assists brides in choosing the specific elements for their wedding gowns. They help coordinate every detail, including lace, fabric and beads, to enhance a bride’s wedding “look.” Experts with years of experience, the Margiotta’s staff encourages brides to be picky about every last detail.

Even the kind of buttons you use on the back of the dress will be a reflection of who you are. Sometimes overlooked, these details are important. Many brides think about their gowns from the front only, carefully choosing a look that will photograph well. But have you considered that most wedding services are performed with the bride’s back to the audience?

Nixon also uses opportunities like this to customize a gown. “I like to incorporate little rosettes of color (of the bride’s choosing, of course) and let it act as a motif. These can be scattered lightly on the train, used in the specially designed headpiece, or even used to adorn the bow or bustle on the back of the dress,” she said.

This injection of individually chosen color could even coordinate with the wedding colors or bridesmaid dresses, or it may just be something that the bride enjoys.

With increasing numbers of brides marrying later in life, re-marrying or simply choosing more of a contemporary look, custom wedding gown designers offer an appealing amount of eclectic choices. Rosie Gowns has a suggestion for an ultra-modern, perhaps even “21st Century” bride: With the use of silver threading and metallic material, any gown design can be easily updated and modernized.

Another current trend is the theme wedding. With the tone of the wedding already of an individual nature, the bridal gown should be, too.