Florida marriage laws

What do I do if I want to get married?
Any couple wishing to be mained in the State of Florida must first obtain a marriage license from the Clerk of the Court.

To obtain a valid marriage license, you need to do the following:

Both parties must appear in person at one of the offices listed previously.

Both parties will need legal identification such as a valid driver’s license or State of Florida ID card, a valid passport or some other legally recognized identification issued by the State or the federal government. The identification must include a photo of the person applying for the license.

How much does a marriage license cost?

A marriage license costs $88.50, payable either in cash or check. If you choose to write a check, your license will not be available to you until your check clears the bank. You need to pay the $88.50 when you fill out the application for a license.
What if I want to get married by the Clerk?

A Deputy Clerk or the Clerk herself can marry you at any one of our offices for a fee of $20.00 You can get married at the same time you apply for the marriage license, providing you pay cash for the license, or you can take the license elsewhere to get married at a later date.

How long is the license good for?

The marriage license is valid for 30 days from the date it is issued. If you have not gotten married within that time period, you will have to apply for another license and pay another $88.50

What if either person getting married has been married before?

If either person has been married before, that person must bring a certified copy of their Final Judgment of Divorce or Annulment. If the marriage ended due to the death of a spouse, you must provide the marriage license clerk with the exact date of the spouse’s death.

The State of Florida no longer requires a blood test.