How to do makeup for wedding

It’s your wedding day: All eyes on you. Photographs taken and displayed for years to come. Special images imprinted on the mind’s eye, lasting impressions for a lifetime. The beginning of a new life with great hopes and grand dreams. There will never be a better time to put your best face forward with a clear complexion and impeccable makeup.

“Start six months ahead of time,” said Lyn Starr of Starr Images. “You need that amount of time to get your skin in shape, practice makeup techniques and get used to new colors.” A hair and makeup professional in the Los Angeles entertainment industry, Starr knows the “star” techniques.

As does Vickie Webber. A former judge of several Miss America local and state pageants, Webber is a veteran makeup consultant to several Miss America contestants.

Following is a list of prize recommendations and tips that these two professionals advise for brides to achieve the striking yet natural look that will render your memories and photographs timeless while keeping your makeup fresh all event long:
Be evaluated by a licensed, trained, experienced esthetician or cosmetologist. A good moisturizer and foundation is key. The right formulation won’t strip the skin of moisture, but balance the skin against dryness or oiliness. A professional consultant will also ensure you’re wearing the right foundation color.

Invest in good tools. Even the novice does better with quality materials, and good brushes and sponges make quite a difference in the end product – your makeup job. Good cosmetic sponges are not those included in compacts or purchased at cheaper department stores. The firmer the sponge, the better.

Drink lots of water. Physicians recommend eight glasses a day to flush impurities and toxins from the system. It even helps relieve stress.

“Mink” eyelashes for a thicker, longer look to showcase the eyes. Brown gives the illusion of thickness, black lengthens the lashes. Apply brown mascara from the base to the end of the eyelash. Tip the eyelash with black mascara. Several thin coats of mascara are far preferable to a few, thicker coats. Be sure to let the mascara dry in-between applications.

Use a lip liner and/or lip sealer. Lip liners not only help outline and define the lips, they help prevent your lipstick from feathering or bleeding.

Go with a brighter lipstick. Brown tones appear ‘muddy’ in photographs; icy tones will wash out a paler complexion.

Foundation plus translucent powder equals stay-on lip color. Apply foundation also to your lips during application to the face. Outline and color in the lip area with a lip liner pencil. Lay a single-ply Kleenex lightly over the lips and lightly powder with translucent powder. Apply lipstick color.

Use basic colors. The basic eye colors are timeless: the mauves, browns, bricks, deep purple. Stay away from the pinks and blues that go in and out of style, and will date your photographs.

makeup for wedding How to do makeup for weddingUse rice blotting paper. Lightly blotting your face after applying foundation will help the color stay and absorb any excess oil. It’s a “must” tool for refreshing your makeup throughout the day and evening.

Follow the complete regimen of skin care before makeup application: Cleanse, facial, freshen and moisturize. A facial gives the skin not only a rosy glow, but allows smoother application of makeup. Depending on skin type, it also will control excess oiliness.

Consider using an astringent. Because of their high alcohol content, astringents are very drying for the face and usually not recommended. However, with oily skin, your wedding day may be the one time when you might consider using an astringent for better oil control.

Put your maid- or matron-of honor to work. Armed with your translucent powder, lipstick and rice paper for easy touch-ups, she can watch and refresh your makeup as needed. With someone else on the look-out, you’ll be more free to enjoy your day.

Allow yourself plenty of time. Many brides have makeup application as their last step in an attempt to ensure the freshest face possible. Be careful. Realize that it will take you longer to get ready for your wedding than it does for work. Allow extra time so you’re not rushing at the last minute.

Involve your attendants. Call a department store or consultant and organize a makeup tip and technique session for you and your attendants before your “Big Day.” Make it a “girl’s day out” – learn a lot, look great and have fun .

The number of steps equals one great look. It’s not the quantity of makeup, but the number of steps that count – in two ways. Just as several thin coats of mascara are best, so are several applications of brushed-on blush. Plus, the addition of such steps as highlighting, glossing and sculpting may add complication to the process, but they also add to a beautiful, incomparably “finished” look.