Simple Wedding Cakes

Cakes are becoming more and more individualized. You have choices of shape, colors, flavors, styles, and decorations. Shapes no longer have to be round. You can choose to have a heart shaped cake, a square cake, a hexagonal shape, or a combination.

You can have the icing done in a variety of colors to match your wedding scheme, or choose to have it all white. You can choose from a variety of flavors beside just white cake. Carrot cakes and spice cakes are becoming more popular. You can also choose to have different layers with different flavors.

Maybe you’ll want to have your cake with a filling such as strawberries. You can choose to have the layers stacked, separated by pillars, or use one of the unique stands your cake decorator may have. You can decorate your cake with just icing, or you may choose to use tuling, flowers, beading, or other creative decorations to express yourselves. Whatever you choose, feel confident and comfortable with your cake decorator.

When looking for a bakery/cake decorator, ask others if they have any suggestions, or find out the name of the cake person who may have done an enjoyable cake at a recent wedding. Be sure to ask questions when you go to the various bakers. Find out if they charge by the slice and how big the slice is, this can make a difference. Find out if there are extra charges for certain flavors, styles, decorations, fillings, etc. See if they charge extra for delivery and how much that may be.

If you are planning on saving the top cake for your anniversary, check to see if they provide the box for it. Make sure the baker is able to do what you want. If you don’t see any pictures of cakes in their books, ask if you can bring in your own picture and how much additional it would be to copy it. You may want to reserve the date with the baker as soon as possible, even if you don’t know the details until later.