Wedding Spa

Every Atlanta bride wants to look beautiful. Her tools? The perfect gown, flattering makeup, gorgeous hair, a manicure and, perhaps, a facial.

But none of these will help if you are frazzled by months of making decisions, fighting battles and reconciling dreams as you plan your wedding.

Fortunately, a new generation of wedding professionals has altered the concept of bridal beauty. Instead of dressing up your exterior and demanding that your inner self shape up, their approach is to gently re-order your interior and then build outward.
Set up a SELF-CARE program and follow through daily.

Lenora Bonner, co-owner of Compassionate Expressions in Atlanta, combines clinical psychology, massage and neuromuscular therapy to offer a unique collection of bridal services, including a new line of aroma therapy products.

“Brides seem to spend a lot of money on their dress, flowers and the cake, but they tend to forget that they’re very important, too,” Bonner said. “They let themselves get to a state of nervous breakdown before they realize they need some help. On a stress scale, I think getting married is in the top 10 most stressful things. I seek to create an environment in which a person can relax and let go.”
Bonner said changing the bride’s environment is important.

wedding spas Wedding Spa“My home is where I usually give massages. I live on a lake. It’s very serene. I create an atmosphere conducive to letting everything go,” she said. “I’m a certified massage therapist and certified neuromuscular therapist so I know how to find the places where tension is held and stop the signals that make muscles cramp and tense up. Hopefully, I can help them stay calm, and give them relaxation exercises.”

By the time she is ready to wed, today’s Atlanta woman already knows that beauty – both inside and out – is not so much an event as it is a process. Left to themselves, your hair, skin, figure, attitude and general health start out well, but get strained, even threadbare, over time. To offset that process, you need to set up a self-care program and follow through daily.

Many prospective Atlanta brides reassess themselves as they face becoming a bride and finally realizing their dreams. They look at themselves and feel overwhelmed – so much to do and so little time. Start by visiting an experienced skin care professional. Do this as soon as possible to get the best results. Through a combination of facials, skin care products and beauty regimen instructions, your esthetician will guide you through a process to give you the prettiest face for your wedding day.

“A lot of brides want their skin to be perfect before their wedding, so they’ll come in three months ahead and start a routine and treatment program,” said Christel Chaunsumlit, center director of the Spa Sydell of Atlanta.

Your next challenge will be to make decisions concerning your hair. Once again, the earlier you consult an experienced professional and begin work, the better your results will be. The key will be to select a hairstyle that complements your gown ensemble but is still consistent with your personal style.

As with your face, you’ll need to get a realistic appraisal of your hair’s current condition and begin work on any problems. With an early start and your willing cooperation, an experienced Atlanta professional can help.

For the Atlanta bride who wants to get these and other services under one roof, nothing beats today’s health and beauty spas. With its upbeat, contemporary emphasis on rejuvenation and personal well-being, a spa can be an ideal location to help achieve your health and beauty goals.
In fact, a trip to the spa can be the perfect thank you to other members of your Atlanta bridal party. Chaunsumlit noted how refreshing a spa visit can be for the Atlanta, her bridesmaids and even her and his mother.

“They can get their massages, their facials, they can even have lunch here together if they like. It’s like a pep rally right before the wedding for everyone to relax and recover from all the wedding preparation stress,” she said.

Yes, they also provide plenty of pampering, but don’t make the mistake that for an indulgence. Today’s best spas understand the therapeutic value of surrender that is vigorously advocated by both modern psychology and many spiritual disciplines.

Today’s spas frequently combine skin care with instruction on the finer points of bridal beauty. They will even do your makeup on your wedding day.

“We have a service called a bridal makeup service. Brides want an extra special touch for their wedding. They don’t necessarily want everyone to do their own makeup, but they’re scared to just get it done that day,” Chaunsumlit said.

“So they’ll make an appointment to come in and one of our estheticians will analyze their skin and take their colors for them, and do their makeup the way they would the day before or the week of the wedding,” she said. “Then all the bride has to do the day of the wedding is come in two or three hours beforehand to have her makeup done professionally before her portraits are taken.”

And why stop with just one visit?
“A bride will come in and get her nails done, have a paraffin hand treatment. She’ll have a customized hair design with her bridal veil and her makeup done,” said Su-su Wimberley, director of Jolie – The Day Spa in Atlanta. “She might have a pedicure, waxing, massage, it just depends on how much time she’s allotted on that particular day. Then she’ll come all during the week for different things.”
Chaunsumlit agreed.

“We do everything to pamper as well as what’s necessary. For example, we do body massages, facials, body wraps, manicures, pedicures and things like that,” she said.

So don’t allow yourself to get stressed and worn out before your big day. Instead, take advantage of new services dedicated to taking care of the mo